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"Keep Your Food Warm All Day with Our Electric Chafing Dish - Keep your food warm for hours with our electric chafing dish. Simply add the proper amount of hot water to the basin, place your food into each tray, and adjust the temperature to your desired heat. This will keep your guests satisfied with hot, flavorful food for a long time without the need for frequent reheating.

Our Electric Chafing Dish is designed with safety and efficiency in mind. It features an electric heating plate with temperature control, 400W power, a thick aluminum alloy plate, and excellent circuit design for rapid heat conduction. It is also safe to use with any heat-resistant cooking utensils.

Additional details include a large glass cover that allows you to easily monitor the amount of food in the trays, a high-quality hydraulic shaft, a highly-polished shiny mirror finish that will add elegance to your venue, and a sturdy and durable solid heavy handle.

Our buffet warmer is perfect for those stressful holiday or family dinner preparations. It will keep your food warm and ready for serving, giving you one less thing to worry about.

This commercial food warmer is also ideal for parties, weddings, birthday parties, graduations, and any outdoor or catered event. Your guests will enjoy warm, delicious food, making it the perfect addition to any party."

Rectangle Electric Chafing Dish Buffet Server

  • 10KG

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