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The Year 1993

MUXING is a stainless steel kitchenware factory with more than 30 years of experience in R&D and sales experience. We have independent design and mold manufacturing abilities to support your brand plans.

Over 30 Years

of Experiences

Over 1000 Types

of Products

Fully Support

Your Own Brand

The first step in the cookware-making process is to cut the stainless steel sheets into the desired shape and size. This programming cutting machine can cut out the exact shape from the steel sheets according to the specific design of the cookware.


Once the sheets are cut, they are formed into the desired shape using a variety of forming machines, such as presses, rollers, or hydraulic machines. The forming process is carefully controlled to ensure that the cookware is shaped with the correct dimensions and angles.

After the cookware is formed, it is typically punched and stamped with any required design elements, such as brand logos, model numbers, or size indicators. This is done using specialized punching and stamping machines that are programmed to stamp the cookware with precision.


Finally, the cookware is ground and polished to remove any sharp edges or rough spots and to give it a smooth and shiny finish. This is done using specialized grinding and polishing machines that are designed to work with stainless steel.


We are making high-quality kitchen appliances of various sizes using a variety of machines.